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INDR has various services for different age group to support their needs. We provide:

  1. Child Neuro Development Services for Autism, ADHD, CP etc.
  2. Adult Neuro Rehabilitation Services for Stroke, Brain Injury, Parkinsonism, Dementia etc.
  3. Child and Adult Neuro Therapy Services for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction and as well as for various Neuro Disability.
  4. Adult Fitness Services for Fat Loss, Body shaping and overall wellness.

Our Approaches:

  1. NeuroDevelopment: 
    • Early Intervention,
    • Therapeutic Play,
    • Brain Enhancement Program,
    • Holistic Development
  2. Neuro Rehabilitation:
    • Sensory Integration,
    • Listening Therapy,
    • Occupational Therapy,
    • Physiotherapy
  3. Neuro Therapy: 
    • NeuroFeedbak,
    • NeuroModulation,
    • PhotoBioModulation,
    • TransCranial Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy